What does "ISO Class 2" mean on the side of the Fire Department’s vehicles?

Each fire department in the country is evaluated by an independent agency known as the "Insurance Services Organization (ISO)." This evaluation takes into consideration the department’s equipment, staffing levels, communications network, training, and Village water supply system. Based upon points obtained in all areas of the evaluation, the fire department is then placed in one of 10 categories with a "Class 1" being the best. Based upon the category assigned, fire insurance rates paid by residents and businesses are then determined by each private insurance company.

The Wheeling Fire Department's Class 2 rating places the department in the top 3 1/2% of all fire departments nationwide. Wheeling’s Class 2 rating is extremely good and homeowners, as well as local businesses, benefit from relatively low fire insurance rates. Residents and businesses are encouraged to discuss the fire department's ISO rating with their property insurance company to make sure they are getting all the premium discounts they deserve. The Fire Department was last evaluated and classified by ISO in 2017 and is re-evaluated approximately every ten (10) years.

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9. What does "ISO Class 2" mean on the side of the Fire Department’s vehicles?
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