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1. Can I trim or remove a parkway tree myself?
2. A tree on my property is growing into the utility wires. Can the Village trim the tree?
3. The property next door is not mowing their lawn and the grass is over 8” in height. How can I get them to mow it?
4. I have an issue with a tree on my neighbor’s private property? Who do I contact?
5. Who can provide me information on trees and plants?
6. Will the Village remove a dead animal from my property?
7. Can I rake or blow leaves onto the street for collection?
8. Who do I contact if there is a sidewalk concern?
9. A streetlight is not working. Who can I call to have it repaired?
10. How can I get my street swept?
11. How do I report a pothole?
12. Who do I contact with a concern about regulatory street signage?