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Wheeling Police Department Return Home Safe Application

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  2. Wheeling Police Department Return Home Safe Application
  3. Person with Disability - Information
  4. Name of Parent, Guardian, Caregiver
  5. Name of Other Family Members or Cargivers
  6. Medical Information
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. By filling out the appropriate registration, residents and their parents/guardians are consenting to have this information added to the Wheeling Police Department's searchable database. The information provided will be available to law enforcement, paramedics and firefighters responding to a home or any location within Wheeling involving a registered participant and will assist with efforts in providing safe, effective and appropriate responses. This information is voluntary and can be rescinded at any time. It will be confidential and used only in the event that assistance is needed. It is the responsibility of the primary caregiver to update any changes to the information.
  9. Please contact Sgt. Giltner or Ofc. Kim if you have questions pertaining to the program at, 847-459-2632.
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