Can I rake leaves into the street for collection by the Village?
The Public Works Department reminds residents not to deposit leaves into streets. Leaves intentionally raked into the street results in a clear and immediate detrimental impact on the Village’s storm sewer system. As we are all aware, rainfall during the fall season in our area is standard. Leaves deposited into the street will inevitably result – during periods of even relatively minor rainfall – in clogged storm sewer inlets and localized flooding. Correcting such problems takes significant man-hours and results in substantial added costs.

The Village’s existing contract with Waste Management – Northwest provides for alternative methods by which residents may dispose of leaves and other forms of yard waste. In addition to paper yard waste bags, residents may use plastic or metal garbage cans – the latter, of course, being emptied and returned to the resident for future use. Instead of the ongoing expense relating to the purchase of paper yard waste bags, residents may wish to make a one-time investment into one or more plastic and/or metal garbage cans for this use. The Village insisted on this provision in the contract and is one of only a few communities where such a disposal method is available.

Moreover, the Village eliminated the requirement of residents to purchase yard waste "stickers" for each bag/can of yard waste disposed. Again, the intent of the Village was to provide a program offering the greatest ease and least amount of inconvenience to its residents.

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