2021 Street Improvement Program

General Information

Tentative Start Date:

July 2021

Tentative Completion Date:

October 2021

Bid Opening:

May 21, 2021

Project Manager:

Kevin Pelli


Builders Paving, LLC.

Awarded Contract Amount:


Funding Sources:

Motor Fuel Tax Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Storm Water Fund


Project Information

This Project Includes:  Annual Village-wide Street Improvement Program provides for the resurfacing or, when necessary, the reconstruction of existing pavements according to a 5-year plan that is reevaluated and adjusted on an annual basis.  Streets are selected for improvement based on existing conditions and scheduling of cost effective rehabilitation strategies.

Project Limits: Kingsport Subdivision, Dunhurst Subdivision, Quail Hollow Dr., Diens Dr. and Allendale Dr. 

2021 MFT Project Flyer

Update 7-12-21: Project has started in the Kingsport/Longtree Subdivision. Saw cutting and concrete curb removals are expected this week.

Update 7-19-21: Curb work is still ongoing in Kingsport and Longtree. Saw cutting and curb removal has started in Dunhurst Unit 1 and 2.

Update 7-26-21: Curb removal and replacement is ongoing in Dunhurst, Kingsport and Longtree. Curb removal is going to start on Quail Hollow, Diens Ave, and Allendale next week.

Update 8-2-21: Concrete curb work was completed in the Kingsport and Longtree Subdivision. Curb is currently being poured in the Dunhurst Subdivision. Curb removal in the industrial area off of Northgate Parkway is ongoing.

Update 8-16-21: Longtree and Kingsport subdivision is expected to be paved on Tuesday of next week. Curb installation ongoing in the industrial park off of Northgate and Dunhurst. 

Update 8-23-21: Paving has been completed in the Longtree/Kingsport subdivision. Asphalt grinding and paving to take place today in the Industrial Park off of Northgate Parkway. Storm sewer work is to begin in the Dunhurst Subdivision.

Update 8-31-21: Restoration is taking place in the Longtree/Kingsport subdivision. Reconstruction work has begun at Willow Rd and Foster Ave. Storm sewer work in Dunhurst is ongoing. It is expected to be completed next week.

Update 9-6-21: Willow Rd. has been paved as of today. Concrete sidewalk installation on Willow Road is expected to take place next week. Storm sewer work in Dunhurst is expected to be complete tomorrow. Asphalt grinding is scheduled for Monday of next week for Dunhurst.

Update 9-13-21: Paving is expected in the Dunhurst Subdivision on Friday the 17th and Monday the 20th. 

Update 9-20-21: All asphalt work has been completed in the 3 regions of this years MFT project. Sidewalk installation is ongoing on Willow Road. Restoration work schedule is still to be determined. 

Update 9-27-21: All restoration work is complete. Final punch list walk through to take place on Wednesday. This project is substantially completed and all new pavement/concrete work will be observed over the winter and inspected in the spring.