Buffalo Creek Regulatory Re-Mapping

General Information

Tentative Start Date: May 2016
Tentative Completion Date: March 2021
Bid Opening: N/A
Project Manager: Kyle Goetzelmann
Contractor: Christopher B. Burke Engineering
Awarded Contract Amount: $193,989.00
Funding Sources: Stormwater Fund


Project Information


This Project Includes:  Re-Mapping of the Buffalo Creek floodplain using MWRD modeling a more detailed method to amend the floodplain limits.   The re-mapping of the area will remove the structures from the FEMA floodplain and residents will not be required to pay premium rates for flood insurance.

Project Limits: Buffalo Creek

Project Schedule: 2016-2021

Project Update 3/9/2021

The Village of Wheeling has completed a Re-study of the FEMA Mapped Buffalo Creek Floodplain using the latest, most accurate hydraulic modeling methods acceptable by FEMA.  The purpose of this re-study is to complete a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for the Buffalo Creek floodplain through the Village of Wheeling.  The re-study has removed many homes/structures from the floodplain. 

The Village expects the new FEMA flood zone maps to become effective March 4th, 2021. For information on how to find and interpret these new maps, please continue to read. 
The new FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) can be located 
(at this link here). To identify your property on the new FIRM you need to click on the link and type in your address into the location box and our geographical information system (GIS) map will show your property and the flood zone areas.

Once you’ve located your property on the GIS map, you'll need to determine if you're located in a flood zone. The red/blue striped hatch is the floodway. The light blue hatch is the 1% Annual Chance Flood Hazard Zone (100-year flood zone). The orange hatch is the 0.2% Annual Chance Flood Hazard Zone (500 year flood zone). No areas shown on the map, without hatching, are located in a flood zone. Generally flood insurance is required if you are in the floodway or 100 year flood zone. Please confirm with your mortgage lender as this requirement may vary from lender to lender. Flood insurance is not a Village requirement and we do not dictate whether coverage is required. 
 If you're interested in dropping your flood insurance policy, you will need to speak to your mortgage lender and show them the new map. They will determine whether or not you can drop your flood insurance policy. The Village recommends maintaining flood insurance coverage even if you're no longer located in the flood zone. This will protect your home from flood damages that aren't covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Flood insurance policies for homes that are not located in the flood zone are significantly less expensive than flood issuance costs for homes that are located in the flood zone.

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