Subdivision Review Process

A "subdivision" is the division of a parcel of land into two or more lots or parcels of record for the purpose of transfer of ownership or development for any future use, either residential, commercial, or industrial. The term also includes resubdivision of lots or parcels of record and relates to the process of subdivision or to the land subdivided.

Initiating a Subdivision Request

Inquires from any person regarding the subdivision of land should be submitted to the Director of Community Development in the form of a letter specifying the location, current improvements, and proposed development of the subject site. The Village Engineer will then be directed to meet with the subdivider to determine whether a Preliminary Plat of Subdivision will be required and to explain the requirements for its review by the Plan Commission. (Subdivisions containing 3 lots of record or less not involving public improvements may be exempted from the Preliminary Plat requirements. Ask the Village Engineer if your subdivision qualifies for this exemption.)

Requirements for Submittal of a Preliminary Plat of Subdivision

  1. A complete petition form must be filed before the Village will take any action on the proposed development. The petitioner should purchase a copy of Title 17, Planning, Subdivisions, and Planned Developments to determine the Village detailed review procedures. The petition, and all accompanying materials as outlined in the application, may be submitted at the same time as the Preliminary Plat. A filing fee based on the total acreage of the property to be subdivided will be required at the time the petition is filed.
  2. The Preliminary Plat of subdivision shall be prepared by the subdivider in conformance with the provision set forth in Chapter 17.24 and 17.28 of the Wheeling Subdivision Ordinance. A total of eight copies of the Preliminary Plat will be required for review by Staff and thirteen revised copies for review by the Plan Commission. After the final Staff review, the Plan Commission will review the Plat and make its recommendations to the Village Board of Trustees.
  3. The Village Board will then review the Plan Commission's recommendations regarding the Preliminary Plat and vote to approve or disapprove it. After receiving Preliminary Plat approval by the Village Board, the petitioner may proceed with preparation of a Final Plat of Subdivision for recording and final engineering drawings.


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Documents & Materials Required for Approval of the Final Plat of Subdivision

For final approval, the petitioner is required to submit:

  • Approvals - All necessary approvals from all appropriate County and State agencies shall be obtained.
  • Engineering - Specifications and engineering construction drawings of all public improvements shall be submitted to and approved by the Village Engineer.
  • Final Plat - prepared on tracing cloth or linen, with waterproof non-fading black ink on a scale not more than one hundred feet to an inch. The Final Plat shall conform substantially to the Preliminary Plat.
  • Improvements - A surety bond shall be posted prior to the recording of the Final Plat. A letter committing to such improvements prior to consideration of the Final Plat by the Village Board of Trustees will be required in order to assure satisfactory completion of all required underground and surface public improvements (including reasonable engineering and inspection fees).
The Plan Commission will again review the Final Plat and make its recommendations to the Village Board who has the authority to approve or disapprove the Final Plat of Subdivision.

Beginning Construction

After Final Plat approval by the Village Board of Trustees, the Village will record the Final Plat with the Registrar of Titles if in Torrens, or with the Recorder of Deeds and bill the petitioner for recording expenses incurred. After the Final Plat has been recorded, building and/or site development permits may be obtained from the Village of Wheeling and the petitioner must secure all necessary permits from the State, County, or other governmental agencies involved prior to actual construction.

More Information

For further information, contact the Community Development Department at 847-459-2620.