Property Tax Allocation

The majority of the property tax that residents and businesses pay go to the school districts (e.g. District 21, High School District 214, Harper College District 512, etc.) and taxing districts other than the Village of Wheeling.


For Tax Year 2011, 10.50% of the property taxes you paid went to the Village of Wheeling. Here’s where the taxes went for most homeowners and businesses (based on tax code 38055) in Wheeling:
  • County - 5.70%
  • Park District - 6.84%
  • School Districts - 68.65%
  • Village of Wheeling - 10.50%
  • Other (smaller districts) - 8.31%

Tax Rate History

Please refer to the statistical section of the Village’s most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for a 10-year history of property tax rates in Wheeling.