Garage Sale Information

Steps to a Successful Garage Sale

  1. Plan ahead. Set dates and times well in advance to give yourself time to get everything ready.
  2. Be a good neighbor. Let your neighbors know you are planning a garage sale.
  3. Make sure everything is clean and working.
  4. Mark prices as you go. Make sure everything is priced.
  5. Save bags and boxes for easy carryout.
  6. Invite friends for a fun day of socializing. It is best not to be alone.
  7. Make sure the sale area is clean and safe.
  8. Cover any items that are not for sale. Block off access to areas of the garage you don’t want anyone to see.
  9. Have extension cords plugged in and available for testing electrical products.
  10. Have a tape measure available.
  11. Keep your cash box in a secure area. Be sure to have plenty of change. Shoppers usually have large bills.
  12. Don’t leave large amounts of cash or large bills in the cash box. Keep it locked in the house.
  13. Keep the doors to your house locked so people can not enter your house when you are distracted with a customer. That’s a good reason to have a friend spend the day helping.
  14. Don’t let anyone into your house. Find out in advance where the nearest public phone and restrooms are located.
  15. Keep a cordless or cellular phone with you.
  16. You should have a first aid kit available.
  17. Remind customers to park legally and not to block driveways.
  18. Be ready for rain.
  19. Be careful.
  20. Have fun.

Village Garage Sale Regulations

The Village of Wheeling Municipal code prohibits placing signs on the public right-of-way, utility poles, streetlights, and/or traffic signals. All signs must be placed on private property with the permission of the property owner. Improperly posted signs will be removed. Please remove all signs promptly after the sale. The Village of Wheeling does not require a permit to hold a garage sale, but we ask that you abide by the aforementioned ordinances.

Advertising Your Garage Sale

Advertise in local newspapers and post notices on free bulletin boards.
Links for more garage sale ideas:

Ideas for Leftover Items

If you have any items left, please make a tax-deductible donation to your favorite charitable organization.

Arrange a Pick-Up

Some ideas to arrange pick up:
  • Amvets
    Phone: 708-388-7800
  • Cancer Foundation
    Phone: 800-962-3260
  • Vietnam Veterans
    Phone: 708-371-4418

Arrange a Drop-Off

Some ideas to arrange drop off:

The Sister’s Store
90 E Dundee Road
Wheeling, IL 60090
Phone: 847-520-2970

Little Mexico, Inc. Thrift Shop
111 N Wolf Road
Wheeling, IL 60090
Phone: 847-419-8935

For disposal of large items, contact Waste Management Northwest at 800-964-8988.