Above-Ground Storage Tanks

General Requirements (F-3207)

Above-ground storage tanks shall only be used for the storage of motor fuels (gasoline or diesel).

Fuel Dispensing Systems (F-3207.5)

All tanks shall be manufactured in accordance with UL Standard No. 2085: "Insulated Above-Ground Liquid Storage Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids". All tanks shall be constructed of insulated steel double walls with interior leak detection and shall be encased in factory poured concrete. Field poured concrete installations will not be accepted. All tanks shall have a minimum fire resistance rating of 2 hours. Independent certification of the fire resistance rating shall be provided prior to delivery.

Barrier Protection (F-3207.5.1)

Physical barriers with a minimum height of 30 inches and capable of resisting a horizontal force of 12,000 pounds shall be placed around each above-ground storage tank.

Capacity Limits (F-3207.5.3)

Individuals tank capacity shall not be less than 500 gallons or more than 2,000 gallons. The combined capacity of any above-ground storage tanks on a single parcel of land shall not exceed 2,000 gallons. The maximum number of above-ground storage tanks allowed on a single parcel of land is 2.

Shutoffs (F-3207.5.4)

Automatic shut-off devices capable of stopping the delivery of fuel into the storage tank at a 90% tank capacity shall be installed.

Fuel Delivery (F-3207.5.5.)

Fuels shall be transferred from the tank by use of a fixed pump. The pump shall be designed and equipped to allow the control of flow and prevent leakage or accidental discharge. Dispensing devices will be permitted to be installed on top of special enclosures.

Tank Openings & Connections (F-3207.5.6)

All tank and tank enclosure openings for inspection, piping, and/or venting shall only be through the top. Approved antisiphon devices shall be installed at each piping connection to the tank, where piping extends below the top of the tank.

Separation Distances (F-3207.5.7)

Each tank and each special enclosure shall be separated from all buildings by a minimum of 10 feet and from each lot line and/or public way by a minimum of 17 feet. No tank shall be permitted in any required yard, as defined by Title 19, the Zoning Code of the Village of Wheeling. The minimum distance between each tank and each special enclosure shall be 5 feet.