Preliminary Site Inspections

Pursuant to Section R-112.1.5 of the CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code, 1992 Edition, a preliminary site inspection is hereby required for all detached single-family residential properties. This inspection will be conducted by either Building or Engineering Division personnel and shall be scheduled by the permittee or his representative at the same time or as a part of the currently required insulation inspection.

Elements of construction that are required to be completed and subject to inspection are:
  • All stoops and service walks.
  • Gravel base for driveway.
  • Final grading of the lot with topsoil.
The insulation inspection will not be conducted unless the above items are completed.

Fine grading, site stabilization, grade elevations, final drive surface, and public improvements will continue to be inspected as a part of the final inspection and must be completed prior to issuance of occupancy certificates.

This policy shall be in effect beginning May 31, 1994.