Yellow Dot Program

The Wheeling Police Department is now a distribution center for the Yellow Dot Illinois program. Police Officers and Firefighter/Paramedics who arrive on the scene of a traffic crash can locate vital medical information immediately when they observe the Yellow Dot on the lower drivers side corner of the back window on a vehicle.

This program will save valuable time for victims suffering a traumatic injury in a crash, when seconds count and first responders need medical information to properly treat patients. The Wheeling Police Department is the only Police Department in northern Cook County and southern Lake County distributing the materials. At this time we have a limited supply of materials.

Materials may be picked up at the Police Department - 1 Community Boulevard - Wheeling, IL. The information packet containing the emergency medical information should be kept in the glove compartment.

For more information about the program, please visit Yellow Dot online resource or contact Sgt. Hardt of the Wheeling Police Department Traffic Unit at 847-459-2649.