Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Program is organized to enable the police and the community to work together. The goal is simple: To make each home, each street and each area more crime resistant. The program is constantly expanding and changing to meet the needs of the community.

Exchange of Information

Concerned citizens are the best asset any police department has to help fight crime. The program is designed to maximize that asset. The Crime Prevention Officer maintains lines of communication with the Neighborhood Watch Groups, supplying crime and suspect information, crime prevention tips, and training on a variety of subjects. This is done through Block Captains on each street. The Officer also works with the community to solve neighborhood problems. The system relies on the willingness of people to get involved, stay informed of area problems, and work together on solutions.
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Forming a Neighborhood Group

We can help organize a first meeting with your neighbors and will provide current information on crime and crime prevention. We will give your group tips on organizing and maintaining contact with each other and with the police department.

the Block Captain

Each street should appoint someone as the Block Captain. This should be someone who is willing to put a small amount of time into the program. The Block Captain acts as a representative of your street.

Each Block Captain will be given important information on area crime. The Block Captain then passes this information to those on his or her block. The Block Captain is also invited to the monthly area meeting and distributes the monthly newsletter to neighbors (if applicable).

Other Block Captain Activities

  • Maintain a list of neighbors including home and work phone numbers.
  • Set up follow-up meetings for the street. (Speakers are available on a variety of subjects.)
  • Establish a list of neighbors who can watch over homes when residents are away.
  • Contact new neighbors and invite them to join the group.
  • Act as a "clearing house" for information and maintain contact with other Block Captains in the area.
  • Block Captains should seek and use volunteers from the group to help with these activities.
The program is simple and takes very little effort to start and maintain. Neighborhood Watch ensures that group members are informed, aware and involved. The goal of making our area more crime resistant is worth the effort and it works!