Village President

The Village President is elected every 4 years and serves a 4-year term. The Village President is the presiding officer of all meetings of the Board of Trustees and the corporate authorities, including meetings of the committee of the whole. He is a member of the corporate authorities and has a vote on all questions and the right to participate in debate and discussion, except as may otherwise be provided by state law. The Village President acts as the official representative of the Village of Wheeling and, as its spokesperson, works to enhance the image of the Village. The Village President issues all proclamations for the Village and also performs all additional duties as may be provided by statute or ordinance.

About the President

Pat Horcher began his first full term as President of the Village of Wheeling on May 1, 2017 and was re-elected on April 6, 2021.

Prior to being elected Village President, Horcher served as an elected Village Trustee for sixteen years. During his tenure as a Trustee, he served as acting Village President through most of 2008.

Horcher is a member of a Wheeling family of long standing, among the first to settle within the Village’s present limits. The Horcher farm, which has operated continuously since 1848, provides a wide variety of vegetable produce and ornamental plants to individuals, businesses, and organizations in Wheeling and throughout the region.

With his family, President Horcher owns and operates Horchers Country Flower Shop, a florist and plant nursery located on the farm. In addition to his service to the Village, President Horcher is a longtime member of the Board of Directors of the Cook County Farm Bureau, an organization that provides farmers with advocacy and resources and educates the public about the importance of agriculture.

President Horcher was educated in Wheeling’s public schools, and holds a diploma from Wheeling High School. He has also done extensive higher education coursework through William Rainey Harper College in a variety of disciplines, including plant biology, floral and landscape design, accounting, law, philosophy, anthropology, and fine arts.

Pat Horcher and his wife Stacey have a daughter, Asher, who is a student at Iowa State University, and a son, Patrick, who is a certified Emergency Medical Technician.



Mission Statement

The mission of the Village of Wheeling is to provide public services that support the evolving needs of, and improve the overall safety, health, and welfare of, our residents and businesses.

Patrick Horcher, Village President
Jon A. Sfondilis, Village Manager

Vision Statement

The Village of Wheeling is a community where individuals and families want to live and businesses are encouraged to succeed. Core services provided by the Village of Wheeling support residents and help businesses to maximize their potential.

Patrick Horcher, Village President
Jon A. Sfondilis, Village Manager