Garage Sale Tips

Items to Have on Hand

  • Have a tape measure available.
  • Keep a cordless or cellular phone with you.
  • Save bags and boxes for easy carryout.
  • You should have a first aid kit available.


  • Be a good neighbor. Let your neighbors know you are planning a garage sale.
  • Be ready for rain.
  • Be sure to have plenty of change. Shoppers usually have large bills.
  • Cover any items that are not for sale.
  • Have extension cords plugged in and available for testing electrical products.
  • Have fun.
  • Invite friends for a fun day of socializing. It is best not to be alone.
  • Make sure everything is clean and working.
  • Mark prices as you go. Make sure everything is priced.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Set dates and times well in advance to give yourself time to get everything ready. That’s a good reason to have a friend spend the day helping.
  • Find out in advance where the nearest public phone and restrooms are located.

Safety Tips

  • Be careful.
  • Block off access to areas of the garage you don’t want anyone to see.
  • Don’t leave large amounts of cash or large bills in the cash box. Keep it locked in the house.
  • Don’t let anyone into your house.
  • Keep the doors to your house locked so people can not enter your house when you are distracted with a customer.
  • Keep your cash box in a secure area.
  • Make sure the sale area is clean and safe.
  • Remind customers to park legally and not to block driveways.