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Forestry Division

The mission of the Forestry Division is to proactively care for Wheeling’s Urban Forest using standards set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture and Best Management Practices.  The Forestry Division will continue to provide effective communication to the citizens, village employees, village board and developers with the respect to landscaping, tree planting, tree preservation, tree care and the enforcement of the Wheeling City Code to help protect and preserve Wheeling’s Urban Forest for present and future generations.

Forestry Division Duties

The Forestry Division performs the following:

  • Tree trimming and tree care/maintenance for village owned trees
         Maintenance performed by the Forestry Division ranges from routine trimming, to removal of dead and diseased trees.
         Tree trimming is performed to maintain shape, remove dead or diseased limbs and remove potential hazards to
         pedestrians, cyclist, vehicular traffic, snowplows, school buses and emergency vehicles.  After any parkway tree has
         been removed, including a tree stump, the area is restored with dirt and grass seed.
  • General landscape maintenance including flower gardens, shrubs, ornamentals, trees and weed control at various Village maintained sites
         Planting and maintenance of Friendship Park, Lehmann Fountain, Veterans Memorial Park, various pocket parks,
         municipal buildings, village maintained sites and rights of ways.
         Maintenance of 12 “Welcome to Wheeling” entrance signs.
         Design and construct hanging flower baskets along Milwaukee Avenue.           
  • Organize, plan and oversee the annual contractual tree trimming program
         All parkway/village owned trees are scheduled to be trimmed on a rotating cycle of various areas.
  • Oversee the annual parkway tree planting program in the spring and fall
          The Village has both spring and fall planting programs, which offer different types of trees.  The number and
          location of plantings is determined according to the following priorities and annual funding available:  
               Residents who have lost parkway trees and have sufficient area in the parkway to receive a 2.5” diameter
               replacement tree.
               Residents requesting trees and who have sufficient parkway space available.  Please note, there may be a
               considerable waiting period if requests exceed funds available.
  •  Oversees the annual tree trimming and brush removal along the Camp McDonald Creek, Wheeling Drainage Ditch and
     Buffalo Creek
         Forestry Division removes necessary fallen and dead branches, limbs and trees that impede proper flows occurring
         during the year.

  •  Storm damage pickus
         The Village, if necessary, assists its residents in the removal of limbs and trees damaged by area-wide severe wind,
          ice and/or wet snow storms.  Always contact Public Works at (847) 279-6900 to see if this special service is being
          offered.  If this special service is offered, residents are required to stack the limbs and logs from private property
          at the curb and notify Public Works for a pickup.  If the limbs are from a parkway tree, residents should notify
          public works to request a cleanup.

  •  Inventory and catalog all village owned trees
         Through a computerized tree inventory program that assists the Forestry Division, the Village is better able to serve
          the residents who may have a concern about their parkway tree.  The tree inventory database contains information
          regarding tree species, size, condition, branch structure and tree trimming schedules.

  •  Village Municipal Code Enforcement
         Administer, communicate and enforce all Village regulations set forth in Title 12 related to urban forestry activities. 
         For more information, please see the Village of Wheeling Municipal Code, Title 12, Trees and Vegetation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What should I do if a parkway tree needs maintenance?

    If a parkway tree is dead, needs to be trimmed or inspected, please contact Public Works at (847) 279-6900

  •  Why did the Village trim so much from my parkway tree and raise the limbs so high?

    Parkway trees are in close proximity to Village streets and sidewalks.  Their branches must be raised to a height to allow for the clearance of snow plows, garbage trucks, school buses and emergency vehicles.  While the pruning of parkway trees may seem severe, it is necessary and beneficial to the tree to prune these limbs to prevent damage to life and property.  The Village has significantly reduced the damage resulting to trees by proactive tree pruning.

  •  Can I remove a parkway tree?

    No.  Parkway trees are in the right of way and belong to the Village of Wheeling.

  •  A tree on my property is growing into the utility wires.  Can the Village do something about this?

    No.  The responsibility for trimming trees growing into and in close proximity to the utility wires is that of the utility company.  For more information on tree trimming, tree removal and storm damage of trees in utility wires see the following ComEd website:

  • How can I get a parkway tree planted in from of my house?

    The Village has a spring and fall planting.  Contact the Forestry Division to check parkway space.   Every attempt will be made to fulfill this request.  There may be a considerable waiting period if requests exceed funds available.

  •  Parkway tree limbs have broken from a storm and are hanging in the tree or fallen to the ground. What should I do?

      If the limbs are from a parkway tree, residents should notify Public Works at (847) 279-6900.

  • If there has been a severe wind, snow or ice storm, does the Village offer any assistance in storm damage pickup of
    tree limbs from private property?

    The Village, in the case of an area-wide severe wind, ice and/or wet snow storm will assist residents in the removals of broken limbs that are stacked on the parkway from private property.  Please contact Public Works at (847) 279-6900 to
    see if this special service is being offered and to arrange for a pick up.

  • What is the proper way to mulch my parkway tree?

    Mulch should only be place 2 to 4 inches deep around a tree.  Do not pile mulch up against the trunk of the tree.  Always leave a two inch space to avoid excessively moist bark conditions, which can cause trunk rot or decay.  To learn more about proper mulching techniques, click on the information link below:

           Proper Mulching Techniques

  •  Can a parkway tree be removed if its roots are obstructing my sanitary sewer line?

    A parkway tree may not be removed due to intrusion of tree roots in a private sanitary service line.  Sanitary service lines, which have been intruded with tree roots, are considered defective and must be repaired.  All costs relating to repairs and maintenance of private sanitary service lines are the responsibility of the property owner.

Tree Diseases and Pests

Insects and diseases can threaten the health of a tree.  To learn more about Emerald Ash Borer, Asian Longhorn Beetle or Dutch
Elm Disease, click on one of the information links Below
          Emerald Ash Borer
          Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan
          Emerald Ash Borer Update May 2014
          Homeowners Treatment for Emeral Ash Borer
          Asian Longhorn Beetle
          Dutch Elm Disease

How to Hire An Arborist

Arborists specialize in the care of trees and are trained with the knowledge to provide proper services for tree trimming, tree removal and diseases.  Tree work should only be done by professionals trained and equipped to safely work in trees.  Click on the information link below to learn more or see the International Society of Arboriculture “Trees Are Good” web page at

         Hiring an Arborist

Forestry Division Awards

In recognition of the Village of Wheeling’s ongoing community forest program, the National Arbor Day Foundation once again recognized Wheeling as a “Tree City USA” in 2009.  Click on the information links below to learn more about the “Tree City USA” designation and about Arbor Day.

          "Tree City USA"
          Arbor Day



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