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Parking Ticket and Compliance Ticket Enforcement


Any person who receives a parking ticket may settle the ticket(s) by paying a fine in the sum of $30.00 per violation until the final notice date listed on the violation(s). The fine increases to $50.00 per violation if not paid by the final notice date.

Any person wishing to dispute a parking ticket may appear in person at the Wheeling Police Department Records Section during regular business hours to request an adjudication hearing date.


Any person who receives a Compliance ticket or tickets may settle the tickets(s) by paying fines n the sum of $30.00 per violation until the 10th day after issuance.  The fine increases to $50.00 per violation after the 10th day.

Individuals who do not settle the ticket(s) are subject to the Village aggressively pursuing collection of all outstanding fines. Failure to pay may result in:

  1. Violation information being submitted to the State of Illinois Comptroller's Office for Local Debt Recovery;

  2. Recording a Memorandum of Judgment and placing a lien on any real property;

  3. Wage garnishment proceedings to collect the sum due;

  4. Garnishment of non-exempt assets, including, but not limited to, motor vehicles, bank and savings accounts and other assets;

  5. Citation to Discover Assets which requires the production in Court of financial records; and/or

  6. Immobilization of any owned vehicle by attachment of a vehicle immobilizing device (Denver Boot).

To determine if a Judgment has been issued against you, call Martin Seay at (847) 459-2600.


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