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Mission Statement
The Village of Wheeling Information Technology (IT) Department will create and deliver innovative technological solutions and support in order to provide citizens, businesses, and government staff with access to information and services. Our motto is:
"Do IT right, the first time... every time!"

The Village of Wheeling is making investments in information technology solutions, which through careful planning, cooperative business, and technical execution, will provide a return on investment in the form of improved services.

The IT Department is enthusiastic in performing the task of researching and delivering new technology while never losing focus on the critical role of maintaining the current technical infrastructure and providing exceptional customer service to all Village departments and all Wheeling residents. We offer the tools for an efficient and productive government through innovative information technologies, while improving access to government information and services.

Primary Responsibilities
Provide support for desktop equipment through help desk and on-site user assistance.
Provide network infrastructure to support the Village's computer operations and information transfer.
Provide for the procurement, development, upgrade, and support of municipal government software for all VIllage departments.
Support telephone communications for all Village departments.
Responsible for the Village's Geographic Information System (GIS).  Click here to access our online GIS tools.
Responsible for the Village's audio-visual systems.
Ensure security and integrity of Wheeling's network and data.


Strive to ensure effective technical and fiscal management of the Department's operations, resources, projects, and contracts.
Provide superior support to all users of the Village's computer systems.
Deliver a final product that best meets the technology needs of the users and enhances their productivity.
Work with all Village departments to improve business operation by thoroughly understanding their business needs and by planning, implementing, and managing the best information technology solutions.
Provide vision, leadership, and a framework for evaluating emerging technologies and implementing innovative solutions.
Provide all customers with convenient access to appropriate information and services through technology.
Effectively communicate information about plans, projects, and achievements to all affected customers.
Develop and maintain a reliable communication and computer infrastructure foundation on which to perform operations today and in the future with minimal downtime.
Provide exceptional training and documentation to all users.


Department Values - At the Information Technology Department, we:
Imagine - We envision the possibilities that technology can bring.
Solve     - We apply technology solutions to challenges and opportunities.
Build     - We seek to use technology as a foundation for creating a better, more efficient, more effective experience for
our users.
Lead      - We will ensure that our knowledge, skills, and abilities enable us to encourage others to look beyond "what is"
in order to see "what could be".
Inspire  - We motivate others to utilize technology to enhance their productivity.


We are also:
Passionate      - I enjoy what I do and I want to share my enthusiasm with others.
Resourceful     - I will seek ways to make things happen when it seems inevitable that they cannot.
Professional    - Through my behavior and appearance I will always ensure that IT is beyond reproach.
Dedicated       - Each task that I am assigned is important, and I will use all of my skills to accomplish the job in front of me.
Accountable     - I understand that my productivity and results are important to the success of my organization, and I will accept responsibility when there is more that I could have done to contribute to that success.
Innovative      - I will examine each situation that I am confronted with and determine if there is a new technology or an improved method that I can use to meet a challenge.
A Team           - I can do my job confidently knowing that there are others who can complement and supplement my knowledge and skills to help get the job done.
Public Service Driven - I will always respect my customers and seek ways to provide them with exceptional service that is of the highest quality.

Meet Our Staff:

Luca Ursan
(847) 499-9030

Sam Castillo
Systems Administrator
(847) 499-9031

Jack Xie
Systems Adminstrator
(847) 499-9032

Derryl Shapiro
Support Specialist
(847) 499-9029


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