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Geographic Information System (GIS)

In 2007 the Village of Wheeling joined the GIS Consortium and started an aggressive campaign for digitizing our old maps into interactive electronic maps. The Village's GIS falls under the responsibilities of the Information Technology Department.

Property Search

The Village offers Property Search, a detailed property search where you can find your refuse pickup dates, school district, zoning, and much more. You can also view aerial photography, measure distance and area, draw, create and print maps.

To begin searching, enter an address or Parcel Identification Number (PIN).
Search by Address or PIN: Find

Wheeling's Map Office™
MapOffice™ - our interactive GIS application (provides Parcel information & aerial photography)

MapOffice™ is a comprehensive mapping and property information tool for use by the general public. One of the key features of MapOffice™ is a property search by either address or PIN which then provides numerous tools for retrieving information about that property.  Default tools include a property summary that lists information such as zoning and voting districts and a measure tool for determining a property’s area or distance to another map feature.

Key features:
Available to the public via the Internet

Property Information:

     ·   PIN Number
     ·   School Districts
     ·   Voting Districts
     ·   Garbage & Recycling

Links to other Property Sites
Links to other Map Sites
Distance/Area Measuring Tool
Scalable Map Interface
Internet Explorer 6 or higher
Mozilla 2.0 or higher

Wheeling's GIS Maps
Wheeling Community Map (PDF)
Wheeling Public Transportation Map (PDF)
Wheeling Public Library Districts Map (PDF)
Wheeling TIF Districts Map (PDF)
Wheeling State Representatives Map (PDF)


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