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This document is available to view in PDF format. Firefighter Eligibility List

The Wheeling Fire Department is a full-service organization providing a variety of services to the community.  These services include: fire suppression, fire prevention, fire investigation, emergency medical treatment & transportation, hazard mitigation, and public education.  The Fire Department serves approximately 40,000 residents (approximately 75,000 daytime) in an area approximately 10 square miles in size.  Aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF), as well as emergency medical service are also provided to Chicago Executive Airport.  In order to adequately serve the needs of the community, three fire stations are staffed on a 24 hour basis with full-time personnel:

Station 24 - Headquarters 499 S. Milwaukee Ave.
Wheeling, Illinois 60090
Phone: (847) 459-2662
Fax: (847) 215-4692

Station 23
780 S. Wheeling Road
Phone: (847) 459-2685
Fax: (847) 459-9667

Station 42
1 Community Boulevard (Attached to Police Station)
Phone: 847-459-2667
Fax: (847) 465-9506


The Wheeling Fire Department is professionally staffed with the following full-time personnel:

  • Fire Chief - 1

  • Deputy Chief - 1

  • Administrative Aide/Training Officer -1 part-time

  • Battalion Chiefs (Shift Commander) - 3

  • Lieutenant/Paramedics - 6

  • Firefighter/Paramedics - 39

  • Fire Inspectors - 2 (1 full time and 1 part-time)

  • Secretaries - 2

Total Fire Department Staff - 55 (53 Full-Time/2 Part-Time)

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This document is available to view in PDF format.

Fire Chief, Keith MacIsaac
(847) 459-2662

Deputy Fire Chief, David Palmeri
(847) 459-2662

Fire Inspectors; Ron Antor
(847) 459-2669


Firefighters helping accident victimThe Wheeling Fire Department operates three 24 hour shifts with 48 individuals equally split between the shifts (16 per shift).  Shift personnel work a 24 hour "on", 48 hour "off" rotating work schedule.  Each shift starts at 7:00am.  Station 24 (Headquarters) is staffed with 7 personnel per shift.  Station 23 is staffed with 6 personnel per shift.  Station 42 is staffed with 3 personnel per shift. Administrative and Fire Prevention Bureau staff work routine business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:00am until 4:30pm.

Battalion Chief/Shift Commander
Station 24
"A" (Black) Shift - John Baumgartner
"B" (Red) Shift - Steve Kosick
"C" (Gold) Shift - Mark Menzel
(847) 459-2664

Station 23
"A" (Black) Shift - James Theobald
"B" (Red) Shift - Brett Oftedahl
"C" (Gold) Shift - Steve Mella

Station 42
"A" (Black) Shift - Vito Lanciloti
"B" (Red) Shift - Greg Rubinkowski
"C" (Gold) Shift - Timothe Durkin

The Wheeling Fire Department moves in action at a recent call.ISO Rating

The Wheeling Fire Department is independently evaluated on a regular basis by the Insurance Services Organization (ISO).  The purpose of this evaluation is to determine the overall capabilities of the Fire Department and it's probable impact on fire insurance claims.  A "Class 1" rating is the best and a "Class 9" rating is the worst.  The Wheeling Fire Department is currently classified as a "Class 3" (Reclassified in 2009).  As a result, residents and local businesses enjoy relatively low fire insurance rates.

Fire Suppression Services

All emergency response personnel are certified by the Office of the State Fire Marshal, Division of Personnel Standards and Education, as "Basic Firefighter" or Advanced Firefighter". In addition, emergency response personnel complete advanced training to become certified "Hazardous Materials First Responders", "Airport Firefighters", and "Technical Rescue Awareness Technicians". Personnel further specialize in one (1) or more of the following areas: "Hazardous Materials Technician", "BioChem Hazard Technician", "Technical Rescue Specialist - Vertical Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, and/or Below Grade/Trench Rescue", "Underwater Rescue/Recovery Specialist", and/or "Fire/Arson Investigator". Command staff and company officers also receive advanced training as part of the State of Illinois Fire Officer certification program and/or National Fire Administration's National Fire Academy program.

Emergency Medical Services

Firefighters battling smokeThe Wheeling Fire Department is part of the St. Francis Emergency Medical
System (SFEMS) in Evanston, Illinois. Emergency medical treatment and transportation is provided using four (4) mobile intensive care ambulances staffed by full-time firefighter/paramedics. Patients are stabilized on the emergency scene and are then transported to one (1) of the following local hospitals based upon their specific medical needs:

  • Glenbrook Hospital (Level II Trauma Center) - Glenview, IL

  • Northwest Community Hospital (Level II Trauma Center) -
    Arlington Heights, IL

  • Lutheran General Hospital (Level I Trauma Center) - Park Ridge, IL

  • Condell Medical Center (Level I Trauma Center) - Libertyville, IL

Patients are not transported to any other hospitals than those listed above.  If a patient requests transportation to another hospital, a private ambulance will be requested and the patient is responsible for any and all costs associated with the private ambulance service.

Patients are charged for transportation, mileage to the hospital, and disposable supplies utilized during their treatment in accordance with established Medicare/Medicaid rate structure. Billing is handled by a third party agency. Any and all payments received from private and governmental insurance are considered as "payment in full".


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