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Q: What have I received a survey from BSI?
A: The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) regulations require the Village to survey all water customers regarding the use of backflow prevention devices every two years.  The Village will be surveying non-residential customers in even years (starting with 2016) and residential customers in odd years (starting with 2017).   BSI is sending this required survey on behalf of the Village of Wheeling.  The survey may be returned in the pre-addressed and pre-posted envelope, or responders may access BSI Online to answer via the internet.

Q: What is the Backflow Prevention Program and why do I need a Backflow Device?
A: The Backflow Prevention Program is a requirement of the Safe Drinking Water Act (1974, amended in 1986 and 1996), which was written to protect human health from contaminants in drinking water and to prevent contamination of existing groundwater supplies. The Act, as amended, requires the installation and maintenance of an approved backflow prevention assembly at the water service connection whenever a potential hazard is determined to exist in a customer’s system. Without proper protection devices, cross connections can occur. Click here to see frequently asked questions regarding the Village of Wheeling’s Backflow Prevention Program to prevent backflow contamination of the water supply.

Q: Do I need a permit to pave my driveway, sidewalks, service walks and patios?
A: Yes.  You may apply for this permit at the Community Development  Department.  A copy of the plat of survey of the subject property and a cost estimate from your contractor are required.  The permit fee is $33.00.  Contractors are required to post a
$10,000.00 surety bond with the Village. Homeowners acting as their own contractor must post a parkway restoration deposit check in the amount of $1,000 as guarantee that any public right-of-way damage resulting from the construction will be restored upon completion of the work.  If no damage is incurred, the deposit will be returned in the full amount.

Q: How do I determine if my property is located within a Special Flood Hazard Area (flood zone)?
A: An official determination by the Village will be made upon receipt of an Application for Floodplain Map Determination by the Community Development Department.  Applications are available at both departments.  Maps are available for public viewing at the Village Hall, Community Development Department (2 Community Boulevard), and Indian Trails Public Library (Reference Department, 2nd floor).  The fee for this service is $33.00. For more information call 1-847-459-2620.

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Q: What hospitals do the Fire Department ambulances transport emergency medical patients to?
A: Based upon general travel conditions, proximity to the village, and the ability to quickly return ambulances to the community, Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights and Glenbrook Hospital in Glenview have been chosen as the department’s primary receiving hospitals.  In rare cases of severe trauma and upon approval of the emergency room physician, patients are taken to Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge or Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, since they are Level I trauma centers.  Transportation to any other area hospital is performed by private ambulance service and at the expense of the patient.

Q: Is there a fee charged for emergency medical and/or ambulance service?
A: Yes. The current fee is based upon the annual rate established by Medicare and varies based upon the complexity of the medical services provided. Patients who refuse service and are not transported to a local hospital are not charged for service. A third party billing company, hired by the Village of Wheeling, handles billing for ambulance service. Medicare and/or private insurance payments are accepted as payment for all charges and collection of individual deductibles are waived. For more information, contact the Fire Department at (847) 459-2662.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of a fire report or ambulance report?
A: Copies of fire and/or ambulance reports can be obtained from Fire Administration Office, 499 S. Milwaukee Avenue, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm (excluding recognized holidays), 72 hours after the incident occurred.  Copies of ambulance reports are only released to the actual patient, legal guardian, documented relative (such as a spouse or parent), or legal subpoena.

Q: Why does a fire engine respond on ambulance calls?
A: All shift personnel are cross-trained as firefighter/paramedics.  On those calls that may be life-threatening (for example, chest pains, car accidents, stroke, unconscious patients, etc.), a fire engine is dispatched to provide additional manpower needed to initiate advanced life support treatment.  If they are not needed, the fire engine is released from the call.  In addition, fire engines carry the same paramedic equipment as an ambulance but, cannot transport patients.  In those rare cases where an ambulance is not immediately available, the crew from the fire engine can initiate paramedic services, prior to the arrival of the ambulance on the scene.

Q: What does "ISO Class 3" mean on the side of the Fire Department’s vehicles?
A: Each fire department in the country is evaluated by an independent agency known as the "Insurance Services Organization (ISO)".  This evaluation takes into consideration the department’s equipment, staffing levels, communications network, training, and water supply system.  Based upon points obtained in all areas of the evaluation, the fire department is then placed in one of 10 categories with a "Class 1" being the best. Based upon the category assigned, fire insurance rates are then determined. Wheeling’s Class 3 rating is very good and homeowners, as well as local businesses enjoy relatively low fire insurance rates. The Fire Department was last evaluated and classified by ISO in the Fall of 2009.

Q: Does the Fire Department conduct Fire Station tours?
A:  Yes.  Visitors are welcome anytime between 8:00am to 5:00pm; subject to availability of personnel due to emergency calls, training, etc.  For groups larger than ten (10) or for station tours during the evening hours, reservations are required and may be made by calling (847) 459-2662, in advance.

Q: Does the Fire Department provide CPR training?
A:  Yes.  Classes are held several times throughout the year at Fire Station 24, 499 S. Milwaukee Avenue.  A moderate fee is charged to cover the cost of the instructor(s), training supplies, and certification.  To enroll in a CPR class, call (847) 459-2662, Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Q: Does the Fire Department trade, swap, or sell patches, t-shirts, etc.? 
A: No. Due to security reasons, these items are not released to non- Wheeling Fire Department personnel.

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Q:  How do I apply for employment with the Village of Wheeling?
A: Job opportunities are posted in our Reference Desk section of the website under Available Job Postings.  Just follow the instructions in the posting.

Q: Are current job postings listed anywhere else?
A: Our public works and clerical support positions are usually advertised in the Sunday Daily Herald as the need arises.  Professional positions may also be advertised in the Sunday Chicago Tribune or in related professional publications.

Q: I’m interested in becoming a police officer for the Village of Wheeling. What do I need to do?
A: The Village of Wheeling participates in the Northwest Municipal Conference Testing Consortium biannually for the preliminary written and physical agility tests for both police officers.  You should call the Northwest Municipal Conference in Des Plaines, Illinois at (847) 296-9200 and inform them you would like to be notified when the Village of Wheeling is next participating in police officer/firefighter testing.  They will add you to the appropriate list and provide you with all necessary information.  In this way, you can apply to a number of participating municipalities at the same time.  Your test scores will be provided to each participating municipality who will then contact you according to their specific policies and procedures.

Police Department

Q: If I receive a parking ticket, is there a mechanism in which I can request that the ticket be reviewed for accuracy or to point out circumstances that should be brought to the attention of the Police Department?
A: Yes, citizens may request a Review of Citation for parking violations by completing the form available at the Police Records Unit.  The department will conduct a review and the Chief of Police will make final approval or denial of the request.

Q: How do I start a Neighborhood Watch Program for my area?
A: The Crime Prevention Unit (847) 459-2994, will coordinate the organization of Neighborhood Watch Programs for citizens who request the service.

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Q: What should I do if wastewater backs up in my home? If repairs are found to be necessary, are they my responsibility?
A: Call the Village first before engaging the services of a private plumber.  The Utility Division of the Public Works Department will first determine if the source of the backup/blockage is located in a Village-maintained public sewer line.  If so, it will be corrected by Village crews.  If it is not, the Village will, as a cost free service to its residents (provided the home is equipped with a 6" cleanout and the wastewater level in the pipe is low enough), internally televise private sanitary service lines.  Your service line runs from your home to the point of connection to the Village’s public sewer line.  If the source of the backup/blockage is found to be in the private sanitary service line, you will be notified of its location and instructed to call a private plumbing service.  All costs relating to repairs and maintenance of private sanitary service lines are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Q: Whom should I call if water backs up in the street during a rainstorm?
A: Call the Village immediately.  Most likely, the storm basins in the street are either covered with debris or possibly obstructed with silt from normal street runoff. Public Works crews will clear any obstructions found in order to restore proper drainage.

Q: Can a parkway tree be removed if its roots are obstructing my sanitary service line?
A: A parkway tree may not be removed due to intrusion of tree roots in a private sanitary service line.  Sanitary service lines, which have been intruded with tree roots, are considered defective and must be repaired.  All costs relating to repairs and maintenance of private sanitary service lines are the responsibility of the property owner.

Q: Does the Village Public Works Department maintain all roadways located within the corporate limits of Wheeling?
A: No.  The Street Division of the Public Works Department maintains approximately 65 miles of local streets.  Two other governmental agencies maintain jurisdiction over roadways within the corporate limits of the Village.  Responsibility for maintenance of these roadways, including snow removal and ice control operations, rests with the highway departments of each of these agencies.  They include:

Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT): (847) 705-4222
Dundee Road (Route 68) Elmhurst Road (Route 83)
Milwaukee Avenue (Route 21/45) McHenry Road (Route 83)
Palatine Road Wolf Road
Aptakisic Road

Cook County Highway Department: (847) 827-1164
Lake Cook Road Wheeling Road (south of Palatine Rd.)
Schoenbeck Road Hintz Road
Camp McDonald Road Buffalo Grove Road
Old Buffalo Grove Road

Q: Who is responsible for shoveling snow from sidewalks?
A: It is the responsibility of every owner, lessee, tenant, occupant or other person having charge of any building or lot of property in the Village abutting upon any public way or public place to remove the snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of said building or lot of property.

Q: Can I park my car on Village-maintained streets during snowfalls?
A: No parking is allowed on any Village street on which there is an accumulation of snow 2 or more inches in depth until plowing operations have been completed.  Violators may be towed and fined.

Q: Can I rake leaves into the street for collection by the Village?
A: The Public Works Department reminds residents not to deposit leaves into streets.  Leaves intentionally raked into the street results in a clear and immediate detrimental impact on the Village’s storm sewer system.  As we are all aware, rainfall during the fall season in our area is standard.  Leaves deposited into the street will inevitably result – during periods of even relatively minor rainfall – in clogged storm sewer inlets and localized flooding.  Correcting such problems takes significant man-hours and results in substantial added costs.

The Village’s existing contract with Waste Management – Northwest provides for alternative methods by which residents may dispose of leaves and other forms of yard waste.  In addition to paper yard waste bags, residents may use plastic or metal garbage cans – the latter, of course, being emptied and returned to the resident for future use.  Instead of the ongoing expense relating to the purchase of paper yard waste bags, residents may wish to make a one-time investment into one or more plastic and/or metal garbage cans for this use.  The Village insisted on this provision in the contract and is one of only a few communities where such a disposal method is available.  Moreover, the Village eliminated the requirement of residents to purchase yard waste "stickers" for each bag/can of yard waste disposed.  Again, the intent of the Village was to provide a program offering the greatest ease and least amount of inconvenience to its residents.

Q: Who is responsible for the maintenance of streetlights?
A: Streetlights mounted on wooden poles are the responsibility of ComEd.  The Village rents these lights from ComEd and is not authorized to undertake any repairs.  To report a problem, please call 1-800-EDISON-1.

Streetlights mounted on metal or concrete poles may be the responsibility of the Village, unless privately owned and maintained.  To report a problem, please contact the Public Works Department at (847) 279-6900.  You will be advised if the streetlight in question is Village maintained or privately owned.

Q: Does the Village repair or replace driveway aprons?
A: No – unless it was specifically damaged by Village crews repairing/maintaining streets or other Village infrastructure or by firms under contract with the Village for various roadway, water main, storm and/or sanitary sewer work.

Q: Are rear or side yard easements owned and maintained by the Village?
A: No.  These are designated areas on private property reserved for legal right of access to utilities for crews and their equipment to perform required maintenance and repair work.

Q: Why does my water often appear cloudy during colder periods of the year?
A: The cloudy appearance is simply air trapped in the water that dissipates when the water warms.  It is not harmful and is completely safe to drink.

Q: What can I do to prevent my water lines from freezing?
A: During unusually cold weather, it is important that you allow heated air in your home to come into contact with as much of your interior plumbing system as possible.  If your water meter is in a closet, leave the door open and clear the immediate area around the meter of obstructions.  The most effective measure you can take is to let four faucets slowly drip (not flow) to keep the water in your private service line (the line from the Village’s water main to your home) moving and, therefore, resistant to freeze.  If you think your water lines may be frozen, contact the Utility Division of the Public Works Department immediately at (847) 279-6900, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00am and 3:30pm, or at (847) 459-2632 after normal hours.

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