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The Village of Wheeling is always looking for volunteers to fill the various commissions that help our Village.  If you or someone you know might be interested in getting involved, please complete an application.  You can print an application from our Forms and Permits page or you can call (847) 499-9085.

Meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed in the Reference Desk section of our website.  Click here to view activities of various boards and commissions.

The following are descriptions and members lists for our Boards and Commissions.  

Board of Fire and Police 
Chicago Executive Airport Board

Board of Health
Emergency Telephone Systems Board
Fire Pension Board
Foreign Fire Tax Board
Human Rights Commission
Liquor Control Commission

Plan Commission
Police Pension Board
Senior Citizen Commission

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Board of Fire and Police Commissioners 5 members, 3 year terms
Jon Kolssak  
Michael J. Moran  
Alan W. Palicki  
Alfred Hembd  
Michael N. Murphy, Sr.  
The Board of Fire and Police is charged with those duties regarding the appointment and removal of sworn members of the Police and Fire Departments provided by the Illinois Revised Statutes, except such duties as are modified by Village ordinance. The Board of Fire and Police is also responsible for the Fire Lieutenant’s and Police Sergeant’s promotional processes. The three-member Board is appointed by the Village President and Board of Trustees and each Board member serves a three year term.

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Board of Health 7 members, 3 year terms
Samuel Bieber  
Danene-Coroneos Shannon  
Ellen Simon  
Arthur W. Ebeling  
Linda Birnbaum  
Patricia Hembd  
Karen Premo  


The Board of Health has general supervision of the public health
interests of the people of the Village.  The Board of Health of the Village shall have authority to make recommendations to the President and Board of Trustees for the passage of ordinances, as they may from time to time deem necessary for the preservation and improvement of the public health and for the suppression of disease. The Board of Health also gives to the Village authorities such professional advice and information as may be required or requested to preserve the public health. The Board of Health annually coordinates three (3) blood drives, and oversees pharmaceutical and SHARPS recycling collection programs. The seven (7) members of the Board are appointed by the Village President, approved by the Village Board and serve three (3) year terms.

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Emergency Telephone Systems Board (ETSB) and Appointments 4 members
Village President and Board of Trustees
Duly-Appointed Fire Chief
Duly-Appointed Police Chief
Duly-Appointed Communications Supervisor

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Foreign Fire Tax Board 7 members

Pat Leahy – Chairman

John Bielik – Vice- Chairman

Adam Gambro – Treasurer
Jeff Shewfelt – Secretary
Stewart Watkins – FOIA Officer
Keith MacIsaac – Trustee
Scott Smith – Trustee
The Foreign Tax Board consists of 7 trustees.  One of the 7 Trustees is the Fire Chief and the remaining 6 are elected at large by the sworn members of the Village of Wheeling's Fire Department and serve a 2 year term.  Three of the 6 Trustees are elected on even years, and the remaining 3 are elected on odd years.
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Human Relations Commission 5 members, 2 year terms

The Human Relations Commission was disbanded in 2011.

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Liquor Control Commission  
Village President and Board of Trustees

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Chicago Executive Airport  7 members, 3 year terms
John D. Tourtelot, Chairman  
David Kolssak, Vice Chairman  
William J. Kearns, Treasurer  
Betty Cloud, Secretary  
James Kiefer  
Neal Katz  
Ray Lang  
The Chicago Executive Airport Board was created to oversee the organization, maintenance and operation of Chicago Executive Airport which is co-owned by the Village of Wheeling and the City of Prospect Heights.
The seven-member board  is comprised of three Board members from each community and a Chairman.  A Village of Wheeling Trustee and the Prospect Heights City Administrator hold two of the positions. 
Board members serve 4 year terms.

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Plan Commission 7 members, 3 year terms
James Ruffatto  
Pam Dorband  
Donald Johnson  
Steve Powers  
Paul Zangara  
Ted Sianis  
Adlil Issakoo  

The Plan Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Village President and the Board of Trustees to three year terms. The Plan Commission also acts as the Sign Code Board of Appeals and the Appearance Review Commission for the Village. The Commission was created to prepare a comprehensive Village plan for the guidance, direction and control of the growth and development or redevelopment of the Village of Wheeling and contiguous territory not more than one and one-half miles beyond the corporate limits and not included in any municipality. The Plan Commission also reviews the Village Comprehensive Plan from time to time as needed. The Plan Commission routinely holds hearings for the review of proposed site plans for commercial, industrial, and retail developments within the Village. Site Plan review is the review of proposed construction drawings for building location, parking and traffic flow, landscaping, appearance, and signage.

The Plan Commission is vested with the duty to hear and recommend to the Village Board, appeals from any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the Zoning Administrator under this Title, in the manner and subject to the standards set out in Chapter 19.90 of the Wheeling Municipal Code.  The Plan Commission also hears and recommends to the corporate authorities applications for variations from the regulations and restrictions imposed by this Title subject to the standards set out in Chapter 19.88 of the Wheeling Municipal Code. 
Lastly, the Plan Commission also hears and recommends to the Village Board any requests for changes in a property's Zoning classification.

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Police Pension Board 5 members
Anthony Cinquegrani  
Michael Mondschain  
Joe Kopecky  
Troy Musolf  
William Benson  

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Senior Citizens Commission 11 members, 2 year terms
Michael Kohen  
Kathleen Pico  
Jackie Portnoy  
Kathy Gulyas  
Joanie Purvin  
Pat Miller  
Marshal Kaplan  
Roberta Vollriede  
Gerald Malin  
The seven-member Senior Citizen Commission, appointed by the Village President and Board of Trustees, serves as an advisory body to the President and Board of Trustees, to the Village Manager, and to such other governmental agencies as may have jurisdiction over or exercise any authority or provide or fund any services in the Village of Wheeling, with respect to the general welfare of senior citizens in the Village.


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