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Fire Department Service Survey

  1. Fire Department - Quality of Service Survey
    Please help us better serve you and the community by completing this brief survey. The Fire Department Administrative Office may be reached at 847-459-2662 (M-F, 08:00 am to 04:30 pm). Thank you for your assistance.
  2. 1. Telephone call promptly answered?
  3. 2. Dispatcher was efficient and courteous?
  4. 3. Response time of Fire Department was prompt?
  5. 4. Actions take by Fire Department were satisfactory?
  6. 5. Firefighter/Paramedics were efficient
  7. 6. Firefighter/Paramedics were courteous?
  8. 7. Firefighter/Paramedics were compassionate?
  9. 8. Fire Department actions were explained to you?
  10. 9. All questions were answered completely?
  11. 10. Overall level of service satifactory?
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