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Posted on: June 5, 2020

Statement from Village President Patrick Horcher

June 5, 2020 

On behalf of the Village of Wheeling, I’d like to express profound sorrow at recent acts of violence committed in our region and throughout the nation, as well as our understanding that these acts have systemic racism as their root cause, a condition that we are all called upon to remedy.

The Village of Wheeling is committed to serving all our residents and all visitors to our community equally and with respect. We take pride in this commitment, and we insist that it be reflected in the performance of every Village employee. 

But we also recognize that a commitment to equal treatment, no matter how sincere, cannot by itself reverse wrongs that are longstanding and nationwide. Therefore we are also committed to identifying opportunities to advance the cause of justice, and to do so by listening to voices that have been underrepresented in earlier discussions and communities that have suffered disproportionally from those wrongs. 

Wheeling, like every community, draws strength from its diversity. I call upon our residents to join us in grieving these recent injustices, and in working toward a village, a state, and a nation in which every person is granted dignity and kindness. 

Patrick Horcher
Village President

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