Buffalo Creek Regulatory Re-Mapping

General Information

Tentative Start Date: May 2016
Tentative Completion Date: March 2021
Bid Opening: N/A
Project Manager: Jon Tack
Contractor: Christopher B. Burke Engineering
Awarded Contract Amount: $193,989.00
Funding Sources: Stormwater Fund

Project Information


This Project Includes:  Re-Mapping of the Buffalo Creek floodplain using MWRD modeling a more detailed method to amend the floodplain limits.   The re-mapping of the area will remove the structures from the FEMA floodplain and residents will not be required to pay premium rates for flood insurance.

Project Limits: Buffalo Creek

Project Schedule: 2016-2021

  1. Jon Tack

    Village Engineer
    Phone: 847-499-9059

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