2016 Arlington Club Sanitary Sewer Replacement

General Information

Tentative Start Date: May 16, 2016
Tentative Completion Date: August 2016
Bid Opening: February 5, 2016
Project Manager: Kyle Goetzelmann 
Contractor: Maneval Construction Company, Inc. 
Awarded Contract Amount: $756,725.00
Funding Sources: Water and Sewer Fund

Project Information


This Project Includes:  The Arlington Club force main was constructed in the mid-1980’s and consists of approximately 3,400 feet of ductile iron pipe that discharges sanitary waste from the Arlington Club subdivision into the existing Village sanitary sewer main at the intersection of Schoenbeck Road and Dundee Road.  This existing sanitary main proceeds to gravity drain the effluent south down Schoenbeck Road to the MWRD interceptor within Hintz Road. The existing force main pipe has experienced significant failures in the past two (2) years causing effluent to enter the storm sewer system, events that have required a cleanup and flushing of the storm system and additional creek maintenance.

New 10” HDPE (plastic) force main adjacent to the existing pipe within the same utility easement will be installed. A substantial amount of this new force main will be directionally bored resulting in less property restoration and open excavation. The existing force main will be abandoned and filled with a cement based material to prevent future subsidence caused by collapse of the pipe.

Project Limits: Arlington Club Subdivision; Schoenbeck Road and Dundee Road

Project Schedule:
Mid-May to August 31
  1. Kyle Goetzelmann

    Civil Engineer II

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Project Updates

Contractor Maneval Construction has completed the pressure-testing of the installed force main pipe, but has not connected to the sanitary lift station due to a delay in the connector pipe delivery; the contractor hopes to complete this installation sometime next week.  Additional road widening, asphalt grinding, and concrete work between the intersection and Berkshire Drive will take place on upcoming Saturdays—September 10 and September 17—to avoid school bus transportation hours; the school district is aware of this road work.  Electronic readerboards on Dundee Road and social media informational links will be updated to inform interested residents of upcoming work.

Contractor Maneval Construction has completely installed and connected all force main pipe from the lift station to the Schoenbeck Road outfall manhole. All bore pits have been backfilled and will be restored toward the end of the project. Vacuum testing is the next major step and is currently being scheduled; this testing will take approximately three days. In the meantime, air release and cleanout structures are being installed. Connection of the new pipe to the lift station will be in two weeks, assuming there are no structure or vacuum testing issues. Additional asphalt grinding and concrete work on St. Armand is anticipated to take place Saturday, August 27 and Saturday, September 10 as not to interfere with school bus traffic. Electronic reader boards on Dundee Road, as well as social media informational links, will be updated to inform residents of upcoming work. 


Starting June 10th, the contractor started digging bore pits at the pump station near Arlington Drive and Seville Ct.  In preparation for the directional boring, long stretches of piping were staged alongside Arlington Drive.  No driveways will be affected by this temporary pipe storage. Directional boring will begin Monday June 13th weather permitting.  This work should have minimal impact outside of the bore pits that are being dug.  The directional boring will continue for several weeks as the work continues towards Dundee Rd.  Landscape restoration will not be completed until after the new sanitary sewer is functional.  St Armand Ct is still expected to be closed for 2-3 weeks starting July 25th. This date is subject to change with weather delays or quicker than expected progress.  Signboards will be posted 2-4 weeks prior to the closure to inform the residents.  Additional updates will be provided as needed. 


Maneval Construction, Inc. has begun construction activities in the Arlington Club subdivision. Starting May 24th, they have begun potholing utilities along the new force main alignment in order to determine utility elevations and avoid conflicts. This work is expected to last approximately two weeks and will involve excavation work along the Arlington Drive right of way and in the backyards of a few of the homes on Orington Ct, Cheswick Ct, and Berkshire Dr. Once this work is complete, the drilling for the new main will begin at the lift station and work all the way to the south/east towards Schoenbeck Rd. This process is expected to last into mid-August. St Armand Ct is still expected to be closed for 2-3 weeks starting July 25th. This date is subject to change with weather delays or quicker than expected progress.  Signboards will be posted 2-4 weeks prior to the closure to inform the residents.