New Business Checklist

The following checklist is provided to help you understand the requirements for new businesses in the Village of Wheeling. Many of the requirements below also apply to relocating or expanding businesses. All of the contacts listed below are in the Community Development Department and can be reached through the department’s main number at 847-459-2620.


  • Contact the Planning Division to confirm that the business type is allowed in the proposed location before you finalize your lease or sales contract (expect a minimum 2 day review). The Planning Division may require a written description of the business. Any exterior changes to the building or property, including signage, should be discussed with the Planning Division and may require review by the Plan Commission and Village Board.
    Note: If a business type is considered a Special Use, additional review by the Plan Commission and Village Board will be required (60-90 day review, plus application fees). Typical Special Uses are restaurants, educational facilities, and businesses requiring a significant number of vehicles or outdoor storage.
  • Contact Esmeralda, Business Licensing Clerk, at 847-459-2608 or email her to acquire and complete a business license application (minimum 6 week processing time).
    Note: The Village requires a 1-time fee to process fingerprints as part of the background check for the principal of each new business.
  • Contact the Building Permit Coordinator to determine whether any interior/exterior changes to the building or unit will require a building permit.
  • Some businesses will require the assistance of other departments, and will be referred by the Community Development Department staff as needed.