Where Systems Are Required

New Construction

  • Business (i.e., professional offices)
  • Commercial (i.e., retail sales)
  • Industrial (i.e., manufacturing/warehousing)
  • Multifamily (including town homes)
  • Single Family (including detached and pre-manufactured single family homes)


The exception to the new construction requirements are buildings used for:

  • Detached accessory building and/or structures (See Wheeling Municipal Code Title 14, Fire, Chapter 14.01 - Fire Prevention Code for specific limitations)
  • Picnic shelters, gazebos, and public restrooms (detached, more than 25 feet from the primary structure, and less than 400 square feet in total size)
  • Transmission and/or distribution of electrical power

Existing Commercial, Industrial, Business or Multifamily Buildings or Structures

These buildings must be retrofitted if:

  • Building area is increased (a fire wall is not considered as an exterior wall when calculating the total building area)
  • Degree of fire hazard is increased (as defined by The Village of Wheeling Building Code)
  • Approved occupancy load is increased

Existing Detached Single Family Homes

Homes must be retrofitted if the overall square footage is increased by 110%.  This typically applies to single family homes were an entire 2nd floor is added on.