Legal services for the Village of Wheeling are currently handled by an outside legal firm.  For information regarding Judgments or other legal concerns, contact Martin Seay at 847-459-2600.
  1. Real Estate Transfer Stamp

    Section 15.38 of the Wheeling Municipal Code establishing a Real Estate Transfer Certificate requires anyone who sells or transfers real estate to pay any bills or citations before the transfer can be complete.

  2. Ordinances

    Find summaries of local ordinances and the references to their full description in the Municipal Code.

  3. Parking Ticket & Compliance Ticket Enforcement

    The Legal Department handles fines required by those who receive a ticket in the Village of Wheeling.

  4. Vehicle Stickers

    The Village of Wheeling does not require vehicle stickers or the payment of a vehicle tax on vehicles registered or housed with the Village of Wheeling.