Food Handler Training

All food handlers working in restaurants are required to have food handler training, unless they already have a valid Illinois Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification. A food employee or food handler is defined to be any individual working with unpackaged food, food equipment, or utensils, or food contact surfaces. All food service employees fall under that category. The Person in Charge (PIC) must have the Food Service Sanitation Manager Certificate and must be present at all times during the operation.

All current employees must obtain training as soon as possible. New employees must obtain training within 30 days of hire. Food handlers must renew their accreditation every three years.

Online Training

The food handler course is available online. Go to to sign on for training to receive the Food Handler Certificate.


A copy of the training certificate must be kept at the food service establishment. Health inspectors will be checking the certificates during routine inspections. We recommend that owners or managers provide a binder for training certificates for easy access and review along with a current list of employees.


Contact Health Officer Serena Ivaldi at 847-499-9048 or by email if you have any questions.