Blood Drives

When & Where

In March, July, and November, the Village holds a blood drive to collect blood that goes on to serve areas hospitals. Vitalant operates a blood drive which is held currently at:

     Wheeling Village Hall
     2 Community Boulevard
     Wheeling, IL 60090

Why Give Blood?

Blood donors of all types are needed every day for critically ill patients, accident victims, people needing surgery, and those patients suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer and leukemia. If all eligible people would donate, there would never be a blood shortage.

Red Blood Cell Donation

Vitalant provides a new automated procedure which offers donors a unique way to donate red blood cells by using the ALYX machine. All donors interested in donating on the ALYX must have a higher level of iron than is needed for a whole blood donation. Males must be at least 5 feet, 1 inch tall and weigh at least 130 pounds. Females must be a lease 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weigh at least 150 pounds. The procedure will take 15 minutes longer than a normal donation.

Come Donate

Appointments are greatly appreciated for our blood drive. Schedule your donation online at: 

Before coming out to the drive, be certain that you eat a solid breakfast and lunch during the day. Also drink plenty of non-caffeinated beverages as well. It has been recommended that by drinking plenty of water in the days leading to the drive that veins become fuller and make the blood donation process easier. Please bring a valid I.D. with you.

We hope to see you at the blood drive!