Demolition Permit Requirements

Submission Requirements

The following information must be submitted to the Community Development Department before a demolition permit can be issued:
  • The Cook County Department of Environmental Control (312-603-8200) Chicago, Illinois requires you apply for a demolition permit from their agency
  • Letter of authorization from the owner
  • Up-to-date plat of survey indicating building(s) to be demolished, location of any wells, septic tanks or cisterns
  • A list of all people/firms connected with the demolition with their addresses and telephone numbers. This includes the general contractor, well sealer, septic pumper/hauler, etc.
  • A performance bond or other performance surety acceptable by the Village Attorney in the amount of 150% of the demolition contract for Village owned properties.
  • A copy of a Certificate of Insurance in the amount of: $300,000 - property damage, and $500,000 - personal injury (note the dollar amount changes for buildings over two stories).
  • A list of work the demolisher is to do.
  • Affidavit that all utilities (i.e., gas, electric, phone, water and sewer have been abandoned/removed)
    • Commonwealth Edison - (800)-334-7661 (48-72 hour notice)
    • Northern Illinois Gas - (800) 730-6114 (48 hour notice)
    • Water/Sewer - Wheeling Public Works (847) 279-4600 (24 hour notice) see attached sheet.
    • Water Meter Removal - Wheeling Public Works (847) 279-4600 (24 hour notice) see below.
    • It is the responsibility of the demo contractor to contact J.U.L.I.E. (800-892-0123) for utility locates as well as local phone, cable provider's etc. to ensure proper disconnects have been completed.
  • A field inspection report by the Village Health Officials verifying proper abandonment and/or sealing of private water and sewer systems must be on file.
  • A completed Building Permit Application must be included with the above items.

Affidavit of Completion

Affidavit of Completion must be on file before demolition permit can be issued.

Demolition Notification Procedures for Public Works

  1. Public Works requires no less than 48 hours notice prior to demolition so that water services can be shut off at the Buffalo-box, and the meter can be removed and secured.
  2. All contact regarding these notifications should go through either the Public Works Director or Assistant Director at (847) 279-2600.
  3. Public Works requires notification for any permanent structure that is being taken down that has active or abandoned water or sewer service.
  4. The only significant inspection that we require is during the phase of service line removal where the contractor has removed said service from the Village's main line. This inspection must be completed before the contractor begins to backfill their excavation.

Additional Points of Concern

  • Regarding any language referencing where services are to be disconnected, we would like the phrase "at the point of connection to the Village main line" used to properly pinpoint the exact location of separation.
  • Again, we must inspect the disconnect before the contractor backfills.
  • The contractor is responsible for the removal of the buffalo-box following our inspection of the disconnect and approval to do so.
  • If the property is slated for redevelopment the sewer line must be televised before it can be reinstated. Appointments are available through Public Works. This requirement is only appropriate assuming the existing sewer service line remains of adequate size and location for the new structure.