Permit Info & Requirements

  1. Building Permit

    In order to secure a permit to construct, certain documents must be submitted prior to commencement of the construction project review.

  2. Carbon Monoxide Detector

    The State of Illinois Public Act 094-0741 requires a carbon monoxide detector by installed within 15 feet of all sleeping rooms of all dwelling units.

  3. Common Permits

    View a list of commonly needed building permits which are issued by the Community Development Department.

  4. Contractor Requirements

    Contractors who work within the Village must be registered with the Community Development Department.

  5. Construction Regulations & Inspections

    These rules and regulations have been compiled so that contractors working in our village will be aware of the Village of Wheeling requirements for inspections.

  6. Deck Permit Requirements

    Know the requirements to obtaining a permit for building a deck.

  7. Demolition Permit Requirements

    Specific information must be submitted to the Community Development Department before a demolition permit can be issued.

  8. Detached Garages

    Garage are subject to certain permits and inspections in order to have any work done to them.

  9. Dog Runs

    A Dog Run is an area enclosed on one or more sides by a fence with either a concrete, gravel or paved floor, intended for holding dogs or other animals for any length of time.

  10. Drain Tile Installation

    There are several steps that must be taken before drain tile can be installed.

  11. Driveway Permit Requirements

    See what items are required to obtain a driveway, patio, and/or sidewalk Construction Permit from the Village of Wheeling.

  12. Fencing

    The Wheeling Zoning Ordinance defines a "fence" as any structure which is a barrier and is used for purposes of privacy, protection or confinement.

  13. Fire Service Line

    Community Development requires a permit to install a Fire Service Line.

  14. Kitchen Remodeling Requirements (PDF)

    Read this document to find out what you need to undergo a kitchen remodeling project.

  15. Lawn Sprinkler Installation

    The lawn sprinkler system installer must notify the Community Development Department 24 hours prior to starting work to schedule an inspection.

  16. Liquid Storage Tanks

    All flammable and combustible liquid storage tanks are required to be permitted by the Village of Wheeling prior to their installation.

  17. Pool, Hot Tub & Spa

    Even if you're building an outdoor swimming pool or hot tub for private use, there are still requirements you must follow to comply with Village regulations.

  18. Residential Roofing Replacement

    Roof coverings shall be applied in accordance with the applicable provisions of the related Village ordinance.

  19. Restaurant Opening

    Looking to open a restaurant? Use this checklist of required items to ensure you have proper documentation.

  20. Satellite Dishes

    Policy on the permitting and inspection of satellite dish installation and other antennae is based on regulations contained in Title 19, Zoning, of the Wheeling Municipal Code, and in our adopted 2012 National Electric Code.

  21. Sewer Line Cleanout

    Know the requirements and steps before doing any work regarding sewer line cleanout.

  22. Sheds & Gazebos

    A permit application must be filled out with a Plat of Survey attached showing the location and size of the shed or gazebo.

  23. Siding Replacement

    Siding replacement follows the rules and guidelines for exterior covering.

  24. Temporary Structures

    Certain conditions need to be met to comply with the requirements for a temporary structure.