Unsolved Murder

On Monday, October 28, 1991 at 11:35 a.m. the Wheeling Police Department responded to a call of a woman not breathing. Officers soon discovered that Jamie Santos, a 27 year old female, was the victim of homicide.

A male caller went to a public phone in a shopping center at Buffalo Grove Road and Dundee Road in Buffalo Grove (a few blocks from her home) and made a 911 call in order to get Jamie medical help. The caller did not identify himself.
Jamie Santos
This case is still unsolved and it's unknown if the caller is the person responsible for Jamie's death or someone who simply came across a terrible crime.

We are asking that you take a moment and listen to the voice of the person making the 911 call. If you feel you know the identity of the caller please call the Wheeling Police Department at 847-459-2632 or email us.

All information received will be kept confidential. There is a reward being offered by Crime Stoppers for the positive identification of the caller.

Listen to the 911 tape (WAV). It may take a few minutes to download the file. Thank you for your patience.