Manhole Lining and Rehab

General Information

Tentative Start Date:April 17, 2023
Tentative Completion Date:July 16, 2023
Bid Opening:January 26,2023
Project Manager:Kevin Pelli
Contractor:Hoerr Construction Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount:$271,823.00
Funding Sources:Sanitary Sewer Capital Improvement Funds

Project Information



This Project Includes: The proposed 2023 Manhole Rehabilitation Project includes manhole cover replacement, grouting, geopolymer wall coating, manhole replacement and associated construction work on approximately 72 sanitary manhole structures.

Project Limits: Various Structures throughout the Village


4-18-23 : Contractor began project with replacing covers and lining manholes.

4-24-23: Continue with replacing covers and lining manholes. 

5-2-23: Remove and replaced manholes at Dennis and Wayne.

5-8-23: Contractor is about 65% complete.

5-19-23: Sub Gen has MH covers to swap out and replacex8 bolts. Waiting on the lids to come in from the foundry. Hoerr is looking to complete all work mid-late next week. The project is 90% complete.