Fraud Prevention Tips & Links

  • Make sure the company has a phone number that you can call back.
  • Check with Information to see if that number belongs to that company.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau in the area of the company you are about to deal with.
  • Check to see if the company / firm has a pattern of bad complaints at the Attorney General Office.
  • If you're sending in payment try to send it to a physical address instead of a P.O. Box Number.

Assistance Contacts/Resources

If you do find yourself in the middle of a scam and you cannot resolve your problems by contacting the company, contact the following sources:
  • Attorney General Office in the State of the company that's defrauding you
  • Chief Postal Inspector at 202-268-4267
  • Chicago Area Better Business Bureau
  • Federal Trade Commission's Chicago Regional Office at 312-353-4423