1. About Our Services

    The Village of Wheeling has a dedicated professional staff who has kept Wheeling at the forefront of municipal enhancement and modernization into the 21st Century.

  2. Alerts

    Sign up to receive announcements of important information (e.g., warnings of natural disasters) sent to you through email or text message.

  3. Complaints and Concerns

    Report a complaint or concern.

  4. Information News Service

    This service is open to anyone wishing to receive periodic updates from the Village of Wheeling on issues related to Village services, government and events in the community.

  5. Refuse / Recycling / Yard Waste

    Waste Management provides regular weekly curbside collections for every single family, townhome/duplex and multi-family (four or fewer units) residential dwelling in the Village. Collections include refuse, including bulk items, and recycling. Landscape waste is collected on the same day as regular service from April 1 through November 30.

  6. Real Estate Assessment

    Real estate assessment services are provided by Wheeling Township, and the taxes are collected by Cook County or Lake County depending on location.

  7. Water & Sewer Billing

    The Village is divided into 2 districts for water and sewer billing purposes, and each district is billed bimonthly.

  8. Departments